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The International Society of Endoscopic Spine Surgery is a professional medical society focused on providing professionals with knowledge and training in the field of endoscopic spine surgery. With the growing demand for this minimally invasive procedure, ISESS offers the education and training needed to perform this type of surgery, thus expanding the options available to patients seeking back surgeries of almost any kind.

Membership is open to spinal specialists, groups, and organizations who are working in a field of advancement of minimally invasive spine surgery.


Why join ISESS

Access to research, articles, and information from the global leaders in endoscopic spine surgery.
Discounted registration fees for all ISESS-sponsored programs including the annual congress and the regional conferences.
Access to up-to-date news on endoscopic spine surgery advancements, techniques, and related products.
Access to the online library (papers, presentations, researches) and discussion groups.
Listing in the “Find a Member” search on ISESS website so that patients can find and contact you.
Participation in annual conferences
A subscription to ISESS email newsletters.
Access to information from previous meetings.

How to become a Member

ISESS Membership means access to an international network of spine professionals that can broaden your skills and make you more valuable to your organization.

To become an ISESS member you should fill out our Application form. The Membership currently is free.

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